Annabelle filling with milk flavor

A pleasant milky taste is due to the liquid cow's milk in the composition and aromatic composition.
Universal dosing – thanks to the short structure. It is suitable for automatic lines and for the manual method of jigging.
Stable pattern – when decorating using nozzles, the edges of the pattern are preserved.

Scope of application:
- gluing sandwich cookies and soft waffles
- filling for tubes, baskets and cookies of the "nuts" type
- - filling of baked goods: croissants, donuts, donuts, berliners
- blurring of cakes, rolls, pastries
- whipping with creams

taste – milky
color – brown
consistency – dense
structure – short
mass fraction of fat – at least 5%
SV (dry matter) content – 65%

corrugated box with p/e liner, 20 kg

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at a temperature from 0°C to +10°C and relative humidity <75%